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Student accommodation in Dublin comprises of 3 studios, 2 apartments with one bed, 6 apartments with two beds and 3 apartments with three or more beds. These rooms have been built specifically for students who come from outside.

These apartments are conveniently located within the city of Dublin.

They have different locations but they are all located in the center of Dublin and near several of the main universities. In addition, they are just minutes from grocery stores, such as Lidl or Aldi, and ideally. The city's main shopping center is a 10-minute walk away.

These units have been designed with the students' needs on mind. All rooms are spacious, bright and with a functional space for studying in each of them. High Speed Wifi is also available in the entire building.

The students will also have in each unit a fully equipped kitchen and laundry facilities with a washer/dryer. 

An advance heating technology is another of the building's strength. A dual solar panels system on the roof guarantees clean and efficient heating and hot water in all of the rooms.


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