Our Sustainability Plan

Because there is no Planet B

Sustainability Plan

Sustainability is very important to us. We have been working for many years and we keep working everyday to take concrete measures that help us to be more sustainable and play our part to save the planet. These are some examples.

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Water Energy Powered By Solar Panels

When developing a new property, we make sure this technology is in place. Solar panels located on the roof top that allows us to provide hot water by using the most powerful source of energy. The sun.

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Renewable Sources Of Energy

Choosing our energy provider is something we do carefully and wisely as we want to make sure it stands by our principals of green energy first. As a result of our policy, we can trace the source of our energy back to the wind farms where it is created.

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Cycling. The Way We Move

Our directors, big enthusiasts of cycling have been able to pass this passion to the team. We cycle around the city, whenever we have to meet a client or visit a property. For convenience and for the planet.

refillable containers
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Refillable Dispensers To Reduce Plastic

We are implementing reusable shampoo and gel dispensers across all our units. It helps us to reduce the amount of plastic that need to be dispose

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Energy Saving Bulbs. For A Brighter Future

Using high efficiency bulbs allows to reduce the number of them we can must replace every year.  A logic smart choice.

electric vehicles
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Modern Vehicle Fleet

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smart access phone
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Mobile Phone Smart Access

In recent years, we have installed smart locks, that along with our App, allow us to provide access to our client by simply using their phones, which reduce the number of plastic cards or physical keys that eventually will end up in the bin.

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Double And Triple Glazing Windows...

Reducing is as important as recycling. This is why we have double and triple glazing in most of our units. It allows us to reduce our heating energy consumption considerably, as well keeping the units noise pollution free.

taxi services
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Taxi Services

We order hundreds if no thousand of taxi services along the year for our clients. Our Electric Vehicles First policy helps to reduce our carbon footprint.

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We Recycle

All our buildings and units offer recycling facilities, so all our guests can recycle.

Because There Is
No Planet B